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The Team


Ashley, Owner, Barre, Pilates, Trampoline Instructor

Ashley was an avid dancer her whole life and took lessons in all forms of dance, but ballet was always her favorite. She loved the focus and discipline of the practice and the definition it brought to her muscles. After years off of dance, Ashley was looking to get back into a routine that yielded the same results as ballet. Once she found out about Barre and began taking classes, she was hooked on the workout. After a year of consistently...


Ashley M, Yoga, Barre, & Pilates Instructor

Ashley is a certified yoga, barre, and pilates instructor with a deep passion for healing and spirituality. Drawing from her extensive training in trauma-informed yoga, somatic healing, reiki, sound healing, and mindful meditation, she crafts transformative and safe healing experiences for her students in each class. Inspired by the holistic interconnection of mind, body, and spirit, Ashley's classes are designed to nurture and empower...


Alex, Barre & Yoga Instructor

Alex began taking barre and yoga classes to escape the hectic day to day of running her café, Café la Reine, located directly across the street from Barre Life! She fell in love with both barre and yoga, and has been teaching barre since 2016. In 2019, Alex completed her 200 hour training at Boston Yoga School. Alex lives in Manchester with her husband, Ben, and their rescue pups, Keefe and Clash.

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Emily, Cardio Dance, Barre & Pilates Instructor

Emily was born and raised in MA and is graduate of St.A's which was where she started her love of studio fitness and when she earned her first Pilates Instructor 1 certification.

In the 15 years since her first pilates cert., she has acquired quite the list. Pilates: PIA certified, Stott apprenticed, Balanced Body Mat I and II, TRX certified, Zumba/Zumba Toning. Strong by Zumba certified, BalancedBody Barre, GroupX via AFFA for those...

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Flower, Yoga Instructor

Flower has been practicing yoga for over 12 years & has recently obtained her YTT200 in addition to being Yoga Alliance certified. Flower‘s classes focus on tuning inward & finding your inner peace. Anyone looking to expand their ability to cultivate love towards themselves and others by going inward through self reflection, & physical attunement is who her classes are designed for. Flower believes cultivating love towards all...


Jen, Barre Instructor

Jen became hooked with Barre Pilates in 2013 after winning a weeks pass to a Barre Pilates studio in MA. In 2015 she became certified in group fitness instruction by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). Jen moved to NH in 2017 and knew that she wanted to continue instructing. After taking a class at Barre Life, she recognized that their culture resonated with her. From that time she decided that she wanted to be a part of...


Kaelyn, Yoga Instructor

Kaelyn started taking classes at Barre Life shortly after it first opened and quickly fell in love! She has been teaching barre for the last 6 years, and found a passion for yoga along the way. She completed her YTT program in early 2022. The mental aspect of both workouts is just as important as the physical for her, and the community and relationship building fills her cup. Kaelyn focuses on the anatomy of every move and pose she calls for...


Kara, Barre & Trampoline Instructor

Kara has always been an active person, growing up doing all types of sports. As she got older she grew into group fitness classes, which combined the joy of exercise and community without the competition! She started taking barre classes three years ago when she stumbled into a studio on a whim and instantly fell in love with the dance quality as well as the unique movements. Kara completed her barre certification through International...


Lauren Foucher, Barre Instructor

Lauren is a stay at home mom of 2 girls and has been Barre Body certified since 2016. Barre is her hobby & passion <3

Lauren took her very first barre class at Barre Life in 2014 & fell in love. Shortly after that she became barre certified and started teaching her own classes at the YMCA where she has been for the past 5 years.

Lauren also is a thrifting- vintage clothing reseller on eBay & Posh.