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Ashley G, Owner & Barre Instructor

Ashley was an avid dancer her whole life and took lessons in all forms of dance, but ballet was always her favorite. She loved the focus and discipline of the practice and the definition it brought to her muscles. After years off of dance, Ashley was looking to get back into a routine that yielded the same results as ballet. Once she found out about Barre and began taking classes, she was hooked on the workout. After a year of consistently...


Alex, Barre & Yoga Instructor

Alex began taking barre and yoga classes to escape the hectic day to day of running her café, Café la Reine, located directly across the street from Barre Life! She fell in love with both barre and yoga, and has been teaching barre since 2016. In 2019, Alex completed her 200 hour training at Boston Yoga School. Alex lives in Manchester with her husband, Ben, and their rescue pup, Keefe.


Britni, Barre Instructor

Britni took her first Barre class in 2011 and immediately fell in love. Having danced since the age of 3 for both pleasure and at a competitive level, she felt at home during the workout "at the barre". After retiring as an NFL Cheerleader for the New England Patriots she quickly looked for an elite Barre training. She came across Boston Body Barre led by Zayna Gold and felt it was the best fit for her. She began her teaching journey in 2012...


Chris, Yoga Instructor

Chris's path to yoga was a happy accident—literally.

In 2015, Chris was involved in a serious road biking accident that broke his neck and made it impossible for him to continue at his job as an automotive technician. While the injury was devastating, Chris says that without it, he wouldn't have been able to discover his true professional passion. He was introduced to yoga by a friend and immediately set about practicing and learning as...


Jen, Barre Instructor

Jen became hooked with Barre Pilates in 2013 after winning a weeks pass to a Barre Pilates studio in MA. In 2015 she became certified in group fitness instruction by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). Jen moved to NH in 2017 and knew that she wanted to continue instructing. After taking a class at Barre Life, she recognized that their culture resonated with her. From that time she decided that she wanted to be a part of...


Shana, Barre & Yoga Instructor

Shana has a passion for wellbeing, and it is her hope that by sharing this passion through her love of yoga, barre & fitness she can inspire others discover their own unique path to ultimate health- body, mind and soul. Shana enjoys constructing creative yet effective class sequences to build strength and flexibility with attention to proper form and alignment. She encourages students to find their own individual strength, honor their...


Shauna, Yoga Instructor

Shauna originally turned to yoga purely for physical reasons, however she learned quickly that there was a lot more to it than an increase in flexibility and strength. While those were obvious results from practicing yoga, the peace of mind and fresh perspective kept her coming back. After six years of practicing, in 2014 she enrolled in Boston Yoga Schools 200-Hour RYT program to learn more about the mind body connection and the clear...


Staci, Barre Instructor

After years of trying to find her lost love of exercise, a friend convinced Staci to join her for a class that she was dying to try. The moment Staci walked into Barre Life she was hooked. Being part of Barre Life motivated Staci to be healthier and has kept her coming to classes for four years. With a desire to share her love of Barre with others, Staci decided to get certified in Barre Above. After becoming certified Staci wanted to...