Barre Life at its core, is a fitness studio for making connections, improving one's emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

We have a strong focus on being community driven, inclusive, and offering a safe and non-judgmental environment.

COMMUNITY- We love to cultivate a welcoming community internal to the studio as well as being very involved in our downtown business community. We do this through events that spotlight other small businesses and giving back to our local community. Our internal community is built through encouraging camaraderie throughout our classes.

KINDNESS - We lead with kindness to all. Our personal connections are what build our community. We truly care about everyone that steps foot into our space.

INCLUSIVITY - We are an all levels all bodies studio. We never judge and we respect everyone and their journey. We are not pretentious and your comfort is always of utmost importance.

SAFE & WELCOMING ENVIRONMENT- We have extremely knowledgeable instructors who will lead you in a safe practice. Hands on guidance when welcomed. Modifications are always offered. Our instructors always take new clients under their wing and welcome them with open arms.

RELATABILITY - Instructors are there for the clients, they are relatable, authentic, and passionate about the studio and the classes

MINDFUL - We are mindful with our words and music. We don’t use unkind language towards ourselves or others. We don’t play disrespectful or explicit music.